Crystal Healing Shop

Crystal Healing Shop

Our Story

Crystal Healing promotes the balance and atunement of our body’s vibrational aura by stimulating the metaphysical properties of particular healing crystals, gemstones and fossils. Popular crystals such as Amethyst and Rose Quartz have been documented and used in the healing of physical, emotional and spiritual ailments for centuries. At Crystal Earth, we aim to provide you high quality, ethically sourced crystal specimens to accompany you on your Crystal Healing journey.

Crystal Earth Ltd is a webstore based near Mallow, Co. Cork, Ireland owned by Elizabeth & Gilbert De Meester. Passionate collectors of crystals ourselves, we only buy high quality crystals and our aim is to provide to you, first quality at a reasonable price. Our relationship with our suppliers spans over 30 years and thankfully we are able to source beautiful pieces including exquisite rarities.

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