Cinnabar Raw

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Cinnabar Raw

Cinnabar is a wealth crystal, said to heal and purify the blood, excellent for skin diseases. For flexibility, stabilizes weight and is noted as a fertility stone. Cinnabar is said to aid those who seek love as well, making them manifest their best and most attractive selves–and breaking through inhibitions and self-doubts. Although not a birthstone, cinnabar is affiliated with the zodiac sign Leo. It is often associated with the root and sacral chakras.

* WARNING: Cinnabar raw does contain traces of Mercury, so this stone is not to be handled frequently, only when moving it to a new place, and always wash your hands immediately after coming into contact with Cinnabar. “Mercury is toxic, but as long as the cinnabar isn’t heated, the mercury is locked by the sulphur, making cinnabar low in toxicity.” Still, anyone handling any mineral, especially cinnabar, should wash their hands and exercise caution.


“Cinnabar is born in the shallow veins of blazing volcanic rock. It has historically been used as a pigment called vermilion for millennia, but it’s also known for use in traditional medicines and as the primary mineral ore of mercury, a highly toxic chemical element.”

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