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  • Crystal Balls

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    Crystal Balls or crystal spheres have been used in divination practices for eons. Crystal balls are a preferred scrying tool by many. Their energy can be read in all directions due to their spherical shape (past, present and future). A crystal ball placed in the home will emit the vibration equally of the particular crystal of which it is made. Rose Quartz will give off the vibration of love, whilst Black Tourmaline radiates protective energy. The sphere represents unity, Spirit and the Divine Feminine. Work together with a crystal cube for harmonious Yin/Yang energy.
  • Crystal Bowls

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  • Crystal Chargers

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    Crystal chargers and charging plates are made of high vibrational, cleansing crystals such as Quartz and Selenite. Placing tired or dull crystals on or within a crystal charger rests, purifies and reenergizes them, so that their high vibration can be restored. If you find that you are not drawn to your crystal anymore or your crystal looks muted or flat, place on a crystal charger, set an intention and leave rest for a few days. Placing crystals under the light of a full moon will have a similar effect.
  • Crystal Cubes

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    The cube is associated with the number 4 and is one of the 5 perfect solids. The cube symbolises stability, truth, perfection and groundedness. Working with cube energy can help to bring security and serenity to our environment and body. The cube is closely connected to the Root Chakra and represents matter and the Divine Masculine. Pair with a crystal sphere (Spirit, Divine Feminine) to balance the energy.
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