• Crystal Eggs

    Crystal Eggs (14)

    Crystal Eggs are a great high vibrational tool to use in massage or reflexology. Eggs symbolise prosperity, rebirth and fertility. In some cultures eggs are used to attract good luck. The symbol of the egg evokes feelings of safety, security and right timing. It can be a helpful support when going through different life stages.
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  • Crystal Buddhas

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  • Crystal Skulls

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  • Crystal Hearts

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  • Free Form

    Free Form (14)

    Free Form Crystals are large, non uniform pieces of crystal that have been hand carved and polished. Each piece has a unique shape, making each piece a distinctive piece of crystal art. Placing a crystal free form in an area adds to the decor of the room whilst also filling the space with the crystal's individual energy. For more sculpture-like crystal pieces, see our Standing Pillar section.