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Green Aventurine Crystal symbolises good luck and prosperity. Place in the wealth area of your home/room (back left hand corner) or in your office/business to attract success in business and money.

Aventurine is a healing crystal used to increase positivity, heal geopathic stress and balance male-female energy. Green in particular, is linked to the heart chakra, helping to dissolve and heal any past traumas or hurt you may be still holding on to. Gently nourishing the heart centre and energy, it allows one to focus on the present and let go of the past or anything that no longer brings them happiness. It allows one to connect on a deeper level with themselves and also to mother nature. Use this crystal if you are stuck inside an office for long periods of time throughout the day, it is known to alleviate the ‘cain fever’ that being stuck inside can bring.


Because it attracts good luck and abundance Green Aventurine is the perfect crystal to bring as a companion while travelling or going on long journeys. It protects and provides safety whilst also settling any anxious or homesick feelings, allowing you to enjoy being in the moment on your trip.

You can place this crystal inside your bag or wallet whilst travelling, wear a pendant or some jewellery to have it always on you, or even just keep a stone close by for when times of stress arise. Simply holding the crystal in your hand and focusing on the healing energy is enough to alleviate stress symptoms but some like to place it on their heart and meditate whilst focusing on breathwork, these particular raw pieces are very useful for doing gridwork.


However you decide to use it, this lucky crystal will keep you safe & abundant.



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