Grounding Set


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Grounding Set

Each set comes with descriptive cards.
Stones may vary in size, colour & shape from picture, as all are unique.

This set is designed to help you become more grounded, whether this is in your day-today life or if it is something you need to hone more for your practise, this set will help you get those feet firmly on the ground! Each stone has a specific purpose and reason for being in this bag and together they can assist you with your goals. Either carry this set with you on your person, in your bag, meditate with them in a safe space, or have them near you in your home while you relax or sleep.

Each Grounding Set contains;


If we are correctly grounded, it can improve our quality of sleep, generates a greater wellbeing and stabilises our physiology by reducing stress, pain or inflammation

Try our new Grounding Set now, practise grounding and see if you notice a difference within yourself!


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