• Crystal Bracelets

    Crystal Bracelets (29)

    Care of your bracelet & guarantee The bracelets we offer were chosen for their high quality gemstones & craftsmanship. Please handle with care when putting the bracelet on, taking it off & wearing. The elastic is of a fabulous strong quality, however it is elastic and care needs to be taken to keep the bracelet intact. We do not offer a guarantee on bracelets. Each one is meticulously checked before being sent out. We do not replace broken bracelets. Thank you This does not affect your statutory rights
  • Gemstone Rings

    Gemstone Rings (5)

    Gemstone rings are a popular way to benefit from the healing properties of crystals all day long. Wearing crystals can also serve as a positive touchstone to remind us to prioritise daily healing. For ring sizing please reference our Ring Size Conversion Chart.
  • Gemstone Pendants

    Gemstone Pendants (76)

    Gemstone pendants clean the aura and infuse our energetic field with the properties of that particular crystal whilst wearing it. For example if feeling unheard, wearing a blue shade crystal can help us feel understood; Red Jasper and Black Tourmaline are known to offer protection; Rose Quartz brings in love and Leipidolite can aid in reducing negativity. We also have a selection crystal Angel Pendants available.