• Gemstone Rings

    Gemstone Rings (5)

    Gemstone rings are a popular way to benefit from the healing properties of crystals all day long. Wearing crystals can also serve as a positive touchstone to remind us to prioritise daily healing. For ring sizing please reference our Ring Size Conversion Chart.
  • Silver Gemstone Earrings

    Silver Gemstone Earrings (12)

    All our Silver Earrings are made of Sterling Silver. Please note that our earrings cannot be exchanged. We have a lot more jewellery available in our Mallow Store. Why not pay us a visit or send us a message us via WhatsApp / Telegram on (+353) 87 360 6487 and we can show you our in store Jewellery Collection. Click & Collect also Available
  • Silver Gemstone Pendants

    Silver Gemstone Pendants (5)

    All our Silver Gemstone Pendants are made of Sterling Silver
  • Gemstone Pendants

    Gemstone Pendants (77)

    Gemstone pendants clean the aura and infuse our energetic field with the properties of that particular crystal whilst wearing it. For example if feeling unheard, wearing a blue shade crystal can help us feel understood; Red Jasper and Black Tourmaline are known to offer protection; Rose Quartz brings in love and Leipidolite can aid in reducing negativity. We also have a selection crystal Angel Pendants available.