Love and Luck Promotion


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Love and Luck Gift Set


This Gift Set includes a Green Aventurine Angel (44mm) (luck) and a Rose Quartz Tumblestone (love). Both crystals are said to activate the Heart Chakra which encourages compassion, openness and unconditional love. Presented in a gift box.

*Promotional Offer*  FREE Tumblestone Discovery Treasure to the value 10 with every set; while stocks last!


Rose quartz and green aventurine are two powerful crystals that, when used together, create a harmonious blend of love, healing, and abundance.
Embrace the transformative power of rose quartz and green aventurine, and let their synergy elevate your journey towards holistic well-being.


Made with love and positive energy. We handpick the most beautiful product for your order and cleanse it before we ship out to you.
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Weight45 g
Dimensions44 mm


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