Meditation Set


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Meditation Set

Each set comes with descriptive cards.
Stones may vary in size, colour & shape from picture, as all are unique.


Incorporating these Meditation Set Crystals into your environment, whether through keeping them on your person, keeping them on a bedside table, or using them in meditation, is believed to enhance their beneficial properties.

Each set contains;

  1. Rose Quartz: Rose quartz is often called the “stone of Unconditional love” and is associated with emotional healing and comfort. It will surround you with a gentle loving energy, nurturing you during meditation
  2. Amethyst: Eases the mind into a relaxed state, heightens intuition and opens the third eye chakra
  3. Clear Quartz – Known to clear the aura, a clearer aura provides a deeper meditation
  4. Rhodonite: Rhodonite is associated with emotional healing, compassion, and balance. Its energy promotes emotional stability and self-care, remind you to love yourself.
  5. Blue Chalcedony –  Calms an over-active mind, can prompt psychic abilities


Remember that individual experiences with crystals can vary, so it’s important to explore their effects and find what works best for you personally.



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