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Green Aventurine Hexagonal Pendulum


Serpentine Pendulum Silvercap with Garnet Cabochon

Bonded Chakra - Faceted 6 side Pendulum

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Centres of spiritual power in the Human Body. Each has crystals, a colour and other attributes assosciated with it. Root Chakra, brown, black, red. Sacral Chakra, orange. Solar Plexus Chakra , yellow, green. Heart Chakra, pink, green. Throat Chakra, blue.Third eye, purple, white. Crown, white, clear.


Bonded Chakra - Faceted 6 side Pendulum
code: PWP123
height: 200 mm
width: 16 mm
weight: 12 grams

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Bonded Chakra - Faceted 6 side Pendulum