Rainbow Obsidian Hearts


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Rainbow Obsidian Hearts. Obsidian is extremely powerful. It is a volcanic glass that allows us to venture deep into our subconscious, allowing us to see the true crux of a matter. Black Obsidian has the strongest connection with The Root Chakra. This is most important for keeping us feeling grounded and secure in ourselves. Rainbow Obsidian encourages us to stay optimistic in hard times, and helps you to find and process pain that you may have buried deep away. Rainbow Obsidian clears the aura and the other energy fields. Rainbow Obsidian cuts the cord of old love and gently releases the hooks others have left in the heart, thus replenishing the heart energy. It absorbs negative energy from the aura and draws stress away from the body. This Rainbow Obsidian Hearts helps the owner to feel at peace in times of great distress.

It is also a great stone to work with for Astral Projection or Lucid Dreaming. Simply place the stone under your pillow or on your nightstand, once you have charged and set the obsidian with the intention to have meaningful dreams or further your astral travel. Obsidian is one of the most protective stones there is, add the colours of the rainbow and it infuses the protection with positivity and light, from such a dark stone.

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