Rose Quartz Hand Harmonisers


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Rose Quartz Hand Harmonisers


How to use these Rose Quartz Hand Harmonisers:

Place one harmoniser in each hand and put the tongue to the roof of your mouth to create a circuit. This cleanses the aura and brings the body’s energies back into alignment. They bring love into our lives.


The pink quartz means love and compassion. It is a stone that you should always have near to you because of its universal love properties, and its ability to heal so many different things.
It is a great idea to have it somewhere that is easily accessible allowing you to turn to it often.
Rose Quartz attached to all types of love, ranging from self-care to family bonds, to relationships between partners and spouses. It focuses on a soft brand of love, including even the healing powers of communication.
The crystal is associated with the throat chakra as well as the heart chakra. This stone is part of the Taurus and Libra Zodiac.


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