Shungite Plate (100mm) Polished


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Shungite Plate (100mm) Polished


The Shungite Plate (100mm) Polished is used to recharge your water. You simply put your bottle or carafe on it.

Shungite is one of the only scientifically proven stones that can protect against radiation and other vibrational emissions. If shungite is immersed in water for several hours, it transforms the water into a biologically active life-enhancing substance, eliminating harmful microorganisms and pollutants.


Shungite meaning can be harnessed by everyone, but it has a special power reserved for those born under the Zodiac signs Scorpio, Capricorn and Cancer.
By balancing your root chakra, it grounds you and helps you feel stable and secure in your physical and energetic foundation, providing a general sense of well being.

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