Shungite Pyramid Polished (1)

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Shungite Pyramid Polished (1)


Shungite Pyramid Polished (1) is very helpful in swallowing negative energy and putting a positive twist on things. Thye soak up and prevent bad energy from getting close to you.

One of the most powerful shapes, shungite pyramids are appreciated for their strong form waves, meaning they carry the influence of shungite over a greater distance. They are preferred for high-activity areas such as office spaces. However, they might be less useful in areas of relaxation, such as the bedroom, due to the nature of their form waves.


Shungite meaning can be harnessed by everyone, but it has a special power reserved for those born under the Zodiac signs Scorpio, Capricorn and Cancer.
By balancing your root chakra, it grounds you and helps you feel stable and secure in your physical and energetic foundation, providing a general sense of well being.


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