Shungite Rosary Beads


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Shungite Rosary Beads


These Shungite Rosary beads consist of 33 beads (3 decades and 3 additional beads) commemorating the 33 years of life of Our Lord.

Recite with these beads by saying 1 Hail Mary, 10 Our Fathers and 1 Glory Be, then repeat that sequence 3 times. After that, add 1 Hail Mary, 3 Our Fathers and another Hail Mary.
Instruction Leaflet included with beads.


Shungite meaning can be harnessed by everyone, but it has a special power reserved for those born under the Zodiac signs Scorpio, Capricorn and Cancer.
By balancing your root chakra, it grounds you and helps you feel stable and secure in your physical and energetic foundation, providing a general sense of well being.


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