Tourmaline in Quartz Pendant


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Tourmaline in Quartz Pendant


Tourmaline in Quartz Pendant is said to balance opposite energies and is very grounding. Both Black Tourmaline and Quartz are purifying and protective crystals making it a powerful combination to use when needing some extra reinforcement. This crystal combination also amplifies any energies focused through it.


This type of quartz is unique in that it engages with and balances energies from every energy centre and connects well to every chakra. However, it connects well and is particularly powerful to the
crown chakra.

Clear Quartz is a beloved birthstone for those born under the zodiac sign of Aries and Leos.

It’s important to charge your crystals regularly to maintain their benefits. You can cleanse and charge clear quartz by placing it under moonlight or soaking it in water.


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